Thematic Areas

Thematic Areas
2- Humanitarian Response and Peacebuilding Program (HPP)

As stipulated in the SP (22/26), the Goal of the HPP program is: “to increase impact to save lives, alleviate human suffering, uphold dignity, peacebuilding and strengthen the well-being, confidence, and resilience of crisis-affected target communities”[1].

EECMY DASSC is aware of the increasing complexity of the crisis requiring coherence and complementarity across the humanitarian, development, peacebuilding, and security nexus. In the reporting period, EECMY DASSC has been actively engaged in humanitarian response and peacebuilding activities. HPP has four main components, namely Emergency Response, Rehabilitation, Peacebuilding and Refugee/migration and Human Trafficking. Under these components, HPP planned to implement five projects and implemented 37 projects in the reporting year

The current situation in Ethiopia, widespread conflict and volatile security, and humanitarian crises demand humanitarian response and that necessitates the consideration of HRPP as one of the program pillars. The general objective of HRPP is to Contribute to the overall effort to save lives, alleviate suffering, uphold dignity, and strengthen the well-being and resilience of crisis-affected communities. The pilar aspires to and strives for the achievement of Humanitarian response based on humanitarian principles and attain sustainable positive peace and work towards seeing a world free from violence. Proven quality standards will be ensured, Humanitarian, Development, Peacebuilding (H-D-P) triple nexus approaches, Evidence-Based, integrated timely responses are the quality of the program’s implementation. The program mainly targets internally displaced people (IDPs), Refugees, ready-to-migrate ate youth and returnees.

The program, therefore, strives to achieve the following goal and strategic objectives:

Strategic Objectives:

S01: Emergency Response (ER)

S02: Rehabilitation

S03: Peacebuilding

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